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Gasket Cutter Replacement Blades

Blades for Allpax & Zimmerman Cutters
BLADES SHIP FOR $8.00 USPS - Up To 5 Packs

Replacement cutting blades for Allpax Heavy-Duty Extension-Style Gasket Cutters. Choose from standard-duty for cutting general material, heavy-duty for cutting tough material or boron-carbide coated blades for extended blade life and cutting extra tough material.

Hard-to-find replacement blades for Zimmerman Gasket Cutters. B1 Pointed Blade and B17 Thin Blades for general-purpose cutting, B2 Curved Blade for thin materials, B3 Lathe Blade for rigid materials, B6 Rounded Tip Blades for compressed materials, and the B25 Thick Blades for cutting extra-tough materials.

ALLPAX Replacement Blades
Six-Pack AX1600 Blades
Part No. TKC100H45KAG
Six-Pack AX1601 Blades
Heavy-Duty Blades
Part No. TKC100H46KAG
Also for Zimmerman Cutters
Six Pack AX1610 Blades
Boron-Coated Super-Duty Blades
Boron Carbide Coated Blades
Part No. TKC100H47KAG
TB-16 (Six-Pack of B1 Blades)
General Purpose Pointed Blades
B2 Six-Pack
Curved Blades for Thin Material
TB-176 (Six-Pack of B17)
Thin Blades (AX3500)
TB-256 (Six-Pack of B25)
Thick Blades (AX3501)
TB-86 - DISCONTINUED - Use Allpax AX1610
TS-86 - DISCONTINUED - Use Allpax AX1600
TB36 (Six-Pack of B3 Blades)
Lathe Type Blades (for Model #760)
TB66 (Six-Pack of B6 Blades)
Rounded Tip Blades (for Model #760)