The Sure-Pull Packing Extractor

Stop Busted Knuckles!

This new tool has been designed to work with standard flexible or rigid shaft corkscrew packing extractors. The Sure-Pull easily operates with one hand!

Sure-Pull Packing Hook Puller - Tired of stubborn packing extractors suddenly pulling free and smacking your hand into the pump or valve? How about working the extractor so hard your fingers are sore for days? Or wrecking your extractors by using pliers to pull them out? Now, there's the right tool for the job!

1. Open Cam (A) by lifting Thumb Bar (C)
2. Position extractor between Cam (A) and Wheel (B)
3. Apply downward pressure to Thumb Bar (C) to hold extractor in place
4. Position Cam (A) against stuffing box flange, apply downward pressure on handle
5. Repeat steps until extractor can easily be removed by hand.
One of the images shows indicated parts - click to enlarge and see instructions with a picture.

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