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About our company

About Allstate Gasket

Service, Materials, Tools & Supplies for Gasket & Packing Professionals

Delivery and stocking options include JIT, EDI, flexible packaging and assembly — and all at competitive prices.

Allstate Gasket, Inc. has grown over decades of business from a local supplier to a regional, national and international provider of gaskets and other fluid sealing products. We provide all types of materials and complete capabilities for our customers around the world.

Allstate is full-service. We offer excellent, high-quality products and services such as vulcanization to any length, die work and kiss cutting, high volume parts, and much more.

Allstate Gasket is ISO 9001:2015 - See our ISO Certificate.

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Allstate Gasket.
We maintain top quality standards and excellent service. The experience of our technicians is unsurpassed, and their knowledge and skill mean fast turnaround, less downtime and more savings for you. We're committed to total service — that's why we are always updating our facilities.

Allstate's products are second to none, and the 1000's of component dies we use are at your disposal - call or fax your requirements just once and you'll find out why we have so many satisfied customers!

For additional information, please contact Allstate's customer service department by telephone at (631) 254-4050, or by email at All inquiries will receive prompt and courteous attention.

Our Mission:

Allstate Gasket, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with a reliable source of competitively priced, quality products, and to provide dedicated and expert support services to our customers worldwide.

Allstate Gasket, Inc. will achieve this through our commitment to:

  • Providing high quality, cost-effective products
  • Continuous improvements to our quality system, our manufacturing operations, our business practices and products
  • Continuous improvements to customer satisfaction by maintaining a customer feedback process to capture and analyze customer needs and feedback on product effectiveness
  • Identification, resolution, correction and prevention of quality problems
  • Educating and training employees to accomplish quality goals
  • Maintaining our quality management system so as to conform to ISO 2015, as amended