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Packing Materials

Compression packing for pumps and valves by the roll

We have a wide variety of packings available - and most of them are on the shelf and ready to ship. Please browse our list of packing types and contact Allstate Gasket with your packing requirements.

Allstate Gasket has all types of compression packings in all sizes and spool weights. We have three of our most popular types of packing available for online purchase. Click the links below to buy online — see other types listed below.

GENERAL SERVICE PACKING Style #2802 - Non-asbestos yarn braid-over-braid rope packing. Each strand is impregnated with a high temperature lubricant - mineral fat and graphite.

PTFE-IMPREGNATED PACKING Style #2340 - Syntex interlock braided fiber impregnated with PTFE dispersion. It also has a break-in lubricant. An economical PTFE general service packing.

FLEXIBLE LANTERN RING MATERIAL - Style #1348 - Made of 100% PTFE material, made to form a traditional lantern ring.

Most are in stock and ready to ship.
Style #6 - All-Vee — V Ring Packing - V Rings seat automatically and are pressure-sealing. They keep equipment running smoothly and reduce maintenance. They are designed to make the pressure increase the sealing action. All-Vee Rings expand toward the rod and stuffing box wall on the power stroke or with increased pressure to automatically form the seal. On the return stroke or with pressure relaxed, All-Vee Rings contract from the rod for free movement with minimum friction.
Style #6-52: Non-aromatic petroleum oils and solvents, air, water, and elevator worm gear drives. Temperatures from -20°F to +212°F. Seals well at low pressures.
Style #6-56: Phosphate ester base hydraulic fluid (not suitable for petroleum oils). Fire resistant types up to 225°F maximum.
Style #6-58: Hot or cold water, water-in-oil and water-glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluids and hot or cold oils. Temperatures up to 275°F.
Style #6-3108-PTFE: All service except molten alkali metals and fluorine at elevated temperatures from -120°F to +500°F maximum. * E.I. DuPont
Style #344 - Braided PTFE Gasket Tape - Woven PTFE Gasket Tape forms an endless seal for any diameter flange, vessel, tank cover, ducts or glass equipment. Braided, PTFE Yarn impregnated with inert lubricant. Temperatures to 500°F. PH Range: 0-14. Pressure: 200 PSI and also Vacuum Service. Sizes from 1/8" x 1/2" to 2".
Style #1080 - Babbit Foil Packing - For rotating shafts to 450°F on centrifugal oil pumps, high pressure water pumps, boiler feed pumps, steam turbine shafts, air and ammonia, compressors, pumps with congealing fluids, heat transfer fluids and valve services. Folded ribbons of Babbit Foil, strong enough to prevent penetration of foreign substances into the packing, yet soft enough to present the shaft with a bearing alloy that reduces scoring. Foil is wrapped, twisted and crinkled in an exclusive process that traps special oil and graphite in the voids and interstices. Temperature 450°F. PH Range 0 - 12.
Style #1310 - Non-Asbestos - High-Temperature Valve Stem - Steam; superheated steam; air petroleum products; hot gases. For high pressure, high temperature valves and equipment. Molycoated. Braid Over Core construction - Braided inconel wire inserted carbon yarn jacket over a core of high temperature resistant homogeneous plastic core with special high temperature binder and graphite. A corrosive inhibitor is added to protect the valve. Maximum Temperature 1200°F (649°C). Steam
pH 1- 12. Pressures to 2500 PSI (17 Bar).
Style #1342 - Spun Aramid TFE Lubricated - For rotating and reciprocating shaft packing for pumps, valves and agitators against all chemicals acids, alkalines, solvents, air, oils, gases, foods, steam, petroleum, paper, water and general industrial services. This non-asbestos packing is used for all chemicals where white or blue asbestos has been the standard packing. Temperatures to500°F (260°C). Lattice Braid, Soft PTFE - Aramid Fiber Packing. High strength, spun aramid fiber impregnated with PTFE and break-in lubricant. Great for valves and pumps in abrasive service. Speeds to 2250 R.P.M. pH Range 2 - 12. Pressure 500 PSI (35 Bar).
Style #1343 - Kevlar - The best for slurries, also superheated Steam, petroleum derivatives, solvents, chemicals, and liquefied gases. Kevlar*, fiber packing. Extremely durable, highly abrasive resistant. Lattice Braid, Soft TFE - Aramid Fiber Packing. Interlock braid, with an inert lubricant. Temperatures to 500°F (260°C). Shaft Speeds to 1900 R.P.M. Pressure 500 PSI (35 bar). Ph Range 3 to 11.
Style #1344 BIL - PTFE Filament Lubricated - Soft - All chemicals and high speed shafts, pumps, valves, strong acids, strong alkalies, solvents, gases, air oils and steam. Pure white TFE filament carefully impregnated with a suspensoid form of TFE. An inert silicone lubricant is used to make a softer packing. Interlock braid. Temperatures to +500°F (260°C). Shaft Speed to 1500 R.P.M. Ph Range 0 to 14. Pressure: To 300 PSI (20 Bar).
Style #1344H - PTFE Filament - Hard - Valves, slow speed pump applications, excellent chemical resistance. PTFE packing with PTFE dispersion. Pure PTFE, a dense firm packing hard no lubricant. Interlock braid. Temperature to +500°F (260°C). Shaft Speed to 1000 R.P.M. Ph Range 0 - 14. Pump Pressures to 300 PSI (20 Bar). Valves Pressures to 2000 PSI (140 Bar).
Style #1345 - Flax-PTFE, Impregnated - Marine tail shaft liners and rudder posts. Premier marine service packing made with flax fibers and lubricated with PTFE dispersion. It has low friction and high tensile strength. Excellent for water service and paper mill applications. Flax Yarns. special type; total impregnation of PTFE* throughout. Square Plait Braid. Temperature 250°F (120°C). PH Range 4-9. Speeds to 1500 R.P.M. Pressure to 200 PSI (15 bar).
Style #1845 - Graphite Filled PTFE Interlock Braid - Graphite filled PTFE fiber packing that improves thermal conductivity and will not harden. Graphite filled PTFE fiber packing. Interlock braid. Temperatures to +550°F (285°C). Shaft Speed to 4300 R.P.M. Ph Range 0 to 14. Pump Pressures to 300 PSI (20 Bar).
Style #1845K - PTFE with Aramid Corners, Interlock Braid - Strong and heat dissipating, low friction qualities. This prevents extrusion which may occur without the corner reinforcement. Excellent service packing in severe pump applications, paper mill stock pumps, agitators and other areas where strength and good lubricating qualities are required. A unique packing combining PTFE graphite with aramid corners. Aramid corners prevent rolls and extrusion. Interlock braid of PTFE with Aramid* corners. Temperatures to 550°F (285°C). PH Range 2 To 12. Shaft Speed 2500 R.P.M. Pressure 300 PSI (20 bar). *GFO - Registered Trademark Of W.l. Gore & Assoc. Inc.
Style #1921 - Flax, Tallow Lube - Reciprocating and rotary pumps; ships' stern glands, bilge pumps and rudder posts; hydraulic presses; slurry pumps and cold water. Flax packing, surface graphited, high tensile strength with tallow lubrication throughout. Square Plaited Braid. Temperatures to 200°F (105°C). PH Range 5 To 9. Shaft Speeds Up to 1200 R.P.M. Pressure 150 PSI (10 bar).
Style #1922 - Flax, Tallow Lube & Graphite - Against cold water, brine and cold oils on both reciprocating and rotary rods and on pump plungers. Also for rams of hydraulic equipment and stern tube glands of ships. Medium long line flax fiber packing, treated with a petroleum-based lubricant and surface graphited. Square braid. Temperatures to 220°F. PH Range 5 To 9. Shaft Speed 1200 R.P.M. Pressure 150 PSI (10 bar).
Style #1940 - Graphite Filament - For severe service applications where leakage must be held to a bare minimum; excellent chemical resistance. A graphite filament packing impregnated with a graphite dispersion. Interlock Braid. Temperatures to 850°F (Atmosphere), 1200°F (Steam). PH Range 0-14. Shaft Speed Up to 4000 R.P.M. Pressure Pumps-To 500 PSI (35 bar), Valves-To 2500 PSI (170 bar)
Style #1960 - Carbon/TFE - Severe services in pump and valve applications involving strong caustics, acids, bleaches, slurries and services where contamination cannot be tolerated. Carbon Yarn. Interlock Braid, Carefully Impregnated with PTFE. Temperatures to 600°F. PH Range 0-14. Shaft Speed Up to 3000 R.P.M.
Style #1961 - Carbon Yarn/Graphite - Severe services in pump and valve applications including super heated steam, acids, alkalis, etc. Carbon yarn, heavily impregnated with graphite dispersion. Interlock Braid. Temperatures to 850°F - atmosphere (455°C). To 1200°F - steam (650°C). PH Range 0-14 Exceptions - concentrated or hot sulfuric acid or nitric acids. Shaft Speed Up to 4000 RPM. Pressure Pumps-To 500 PSI (35 bar) Valves-To 2500 PSI (170 bar).
Style #2390 - High Performance Syn. Fiber, PTFE* Impregnated - Medium or low temperature steam (up to 500°F), hot or cold water and aqueous solutions (except strong mineral acids) on piston and valve rods of pumps, valve stems and centrifugal pump shafts. Syn-pak fibers, with PTFE impregnation and lubricated with Allstate's unique lubrication process. Interlock braid, contains no graphite. Lubricated in a proprietary, non-petroleum lubricant, contains no sulphur, silicone, or wax. Because of its ability to conform to stuffing box configuration, it requires less gland load to effect a seal. Temperature 500°F. PH Range 1 - 13 (except concentrated or hot sulfuric acid or nitric acids). Shaft Speed Up to 1800 R.P.M.
Style #2700-B - Synthetic Fiber Graphite, Round, Braided - Medium or low temperature steam (up to 500°F), hot or cold water and aqueous solutions (except strong mineral acids) on piston and valve rods of pumps, valve stems and centrifugal pump shafts. Non asbestos yarns, make up this braid over braid rope packing. Each strand is thoroughly impregnated with a mineral fat lubricant and graphite. Interlock braid using carded synthetic yarns thoroughly impregnated with petroleum based lubricants and graphite finished. Temperature 500°F.
Style #6000 - Graph-A-Braid - Ideal for pumps and valves in hydrocarbon, chemical process, pulp and paper, power generating and many other industrial applications. Can be used in both pumps and valves in a wide range of service conditions. Braided flexible graphite packing. This thermo conductive packing replaces flexible graphite ribbon. From pure expanded graphite. It is resilient, self-lubricating, chemically inert. Interlock Braid. Temperature To 1200°F (650°C) - Steam To 850°F (455°C) - Atmosphere. PH Range 0-14 Exceptions: Fuming Nitric Aqua Regia and Oleum, strong oxidizers. Speed 4000 F.P.M. Pressure To 3000 PSI (200 bar) (may require anti-extrusion rings).

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