Food Grade Rubber / FDA Compliant / NSF-61 Material

Sheet rubber material for use with food, pharma and cosmetics - click images for more information and to buy online

See MoreFood Grade Natural Gum Rubber Sheet

Natural Gum Rubber

Superior elongation, tensile and tear strength: Natural rubber sheet is preferred to synthetics.

See MoreFood Grade EPDM Rubber Sheet

Food Grade EPDM

For repeated food contact. very good abrasion resistance. Non-toxic, non-allergenic materials.

See MoreFood Grade Neoprene Sheet

Food Grade Neoprene

Resistant to oils and greases. Excellent resistance to ozone. Non-toxic, non-allergenic materials.

See MoreFood Grade Nitrile

Food Grade Nitrile

Recommended in all phases of food processing and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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Meets AWWA Standard C111/A21.11 for clean and safe drinking water and wastewater purposes.