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Food Grade Rubber / FDA Compliant / NSF-61 Material

Sheet rubber material for use with food, pharma and cosmetics - click images for more information and to buy online

More About FDA NEOPRENEFood Grade Neoprene Sheet


Very good wear and abrasion characteristics and repels oils and greases. It also has excellent resistance to ozone breakdown and has a long use-life even through repeated temperature cycling.
Temperature Range:
-30°F to +180°F / -34°C to +82°C°C

More About FDA BUNA-NFood Grade Nitrile


Very similar in attributes to EPDM, FDA Compliant Buna-N is often a specified material in the machinery used to manufacture pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.
Temperature Range:
-25°F to +220°F / -32°C to +104°C

More About FDA EPDMFood Grade EPDM Rubber Sheet


Offers the same benefits as neoprene, but is used when even more durability and a higher temperature range is required, which makes it cost a bit more. Excellent temperature cycle performance.
Temperature Range:
-40°F to +230°F / -40°C to +110°C

Also see food grade NATURAL GUM RUBBER and NSF-61 Compliant EPDM for potable water use –

About Food Grade Rubber

The three rubber most popular food-grade rubber materials – Neoprene, EPDM, and Nitrile have many characteristics in common; they are all recommended for repeated food contact, are manufactured with non-toxic and non-allergenic materials, and each is compliant with FDA guidelines.

They are used for in many applications and industries, from simple drawer liners and countertop mats to gasketing seals and machine parts in OEM production of food-processing, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment.

Selection of a material is often a matter of engineering specifications and even personal preference. Food grade neoprene is the most economical and offers very reliable on-the-job performance.

Food-grade rubbers can be used as kitchen drawer liners, countertop mats, jelly roll mats, dough mats, to fabricate replacement gaskets and seals for food processing equipment, canister seals, refrigeration gaskets, food trays, dairy, brewing and meat processing equipment, thermos seals, food storage containers, kneading sheets, cafeteria surfaces, food prep tables, and many other applications.