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Dove Tail Punch Kits

Punch mating pieces for extra-large gaskets

Punch perfect, tight interlocking dovetail joints.
A must when the outside diameter of the gasket is greater than the width of material.

Quickly and easily make tight interlocking joints for a gasket of any flange width. A range of 3/4" to 3" flanges is covered by this set of 3 punches. Wider flanges can be dovetailed together by multiple use of these punches. Just overlay material and 'double-cut' both mating pieces at once for a perfect fit.

An easy-to-see, open-view design eliminates guess work allowing a full line of vision at all times. The dimensions of #1, #2 and #3 dove tail punches are industry standard sizes.

Punches are heavy gauge alloy steel ground to a finely honed cutting edge and heat-treated to provide long life and durability. Allows you to extend the use of scrap by forming larger pieces from small.

  • Complete kit - all three industry standard sizes included
  • Punch perfect, strong dovetails in any pliable material
  • This is the original Zimmerman Dovetail / Butterfly Punch Set

Contains Three Punches - #1, #2, #3
Cut 3/4” to 3” wide flange gaskets with this 3 piece kit. $147.18

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