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 Flexible Graphite Sheet

Available • Full Roll • Cut Piece • Custom

Flexible Graphite - For water, steam, acids alkalies, gases, oils and solvents. By the foot or buy the roll!

STYLE #1000 FLEXIBLE  GRAPHITE - Several styles to choose from.

Color: Black Temp Range: -300°F to +900°F / -180°C to +480°C Finish: Smooth
 Up to 1200°F / 640°C in steam.

STYLE #1000-H GRAPHITE FOIL - Industrial grade homogeneous flexible graphite foil, carbon content 98% min, no resin binders or any other chemical fillers, available in continuous rolls or in individual sheets.

STYLE #1000-(-) REINFORCED LAMINATE - Several styles to choose from. Flexible graphite laminate reinforced with specified insert:
1000-F - Stainless steel sheet insert
1000-M - Mylar film insert
1000-WM - Stainless steel wire mesh insert

STYLE #1000-(-) TANGED LAMINATE - 1000-TP - Inserted w/ tinplated steel tang
1000-T - Inserted w/ stainless steel tang

STYLE #1000-(-) PACKING TAPE - 1000-T10 - Plain
1000-T1 - Crinkled
1000-T20 - Plain and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backed
1000-T21 - Crinkled and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backed