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Plastiseal "F" Sealant - Paste

High-Temperature Sealant to 1600°F / 831°C

Plastiseal "F" can be applied as a paste or by dipping objects to be coated in the compound. Using a unique combination of ingredients, Plastiseal expands under heat, and will fully expand filling any voids to create a tight, durable seal.

A highly effective joint sealing compound designed to increase the sealing performance of metallic and non-metallic gaskets in applications with operating temperatures that range up to 871ºC. Supplied in paste form (which can be thinned with water when required), Plastiseal F is a “gasket goo” like product which will not shrink, harden or become brittle over time.

When exposed to heat, Plastiseal F will expand to fill any voids in a flange face not taken up by the primary gasket. It will not emit toxic fumes when heated and resists attack from a range of industrial solvents, synthetic lubricating oils and gasoline. It should not be used in applications with water as this will thin the paste.

  • Impervious to solvents or corrosive action of synthetic lubricating oils, gasoline and similar fuels
  • Does not shrink, harden or become brittle in application
  • Easy-to-apply water soluble paste is unaffected by alternating freezing and thawing conditions
  • Does not give off toxic fumes when heated to operating temperature
  • Unique formula expands under heat to ensure tight joint
  • Tested and approved by General Electric and the U.S. Government
  • Made in the USA!

Temperature Range: To 1600°F 831°C Plastiseal "F" is in paste form and , if necessary, can be thinned with water to a heavy cream consistency. Clean surface to be covered and apply with a brush or with a putty knife. CAUTION: Plastiseal "F" is not intended for use in lines or equipment in contact with water. National Stock Numbers: 8030-01-216-5487 (1lb Cans) General Electric Part Number A50TF74-Class B-Rev. S3

Professional Grade Sealant