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High-Tech Gaskets

Long & Short Runs / Prototyping

Allstate Gasket has designed many finished parts and components for hi-tech industries. Custom fabricated EMI/EMC/RFI gaskets, seals and shielding.


Download Allstate Gasket's feature sheet about High-Tech Gaskets in PDF format: AG-High-Tech-Gaskets.pdf
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We are familiar with the special materials, their fabrication and their suitability. We work closely with the manufacturers to provide you with accurate specifications and the widest selection of products.

EMI / RFI SHIELDING LAMINATES - In addition to supplying standard shielding materials and products, Allstate specializes in producing custom laminated shielding products in answer to specific requirements. Whether handmade or automated production is required, Allstate provides quality, cost-effective products and fast turnaround.

Advantages of Laminates:
  • Lower cost than spray shielding
  • Effective
  • Recyclability
  • Lower tooling cost
  • Insulating capabilities
  • Scratch resistant
  • Short lead times
  • Prototypes

SCREENING - Allstate filtration, woven cloth and expanded metal foil screens combine consistent quality, a wide range of materials to satisfy a wide range of screen requirements..

  • Open pore structure
    Provides low air resistance and pressure drop
  • Ideal for use in computers, electronic instruments and other appliances

Filter foam is produced in a variety of pore sizes from 5 to 100 pores per linear inch (ppi)
Thickness to range from .125" to 1.00". Typical applications for filter foam include air intake of computers and business equipment, motors and vents.

  • FILTRATION - Allstate provides flexible, polyurethane filter foam (reticulated and non-reticulated) to remove dust and contaminating particles form air, gasses and other liquids in a variety of applications.

INSULATING MATERIALS - Allstate Gasket provides a wide range of electrical, thermal, and acoustical insulating products to satisfy operational and environmental requirements. If you have an insulating application, we will worrk with you to provide the highest quality, most cost effective solutions.

Insulating solutions can be made form a variety of materials which reduce heat transfer from radiation, conduction and convection. Many of these materials offer an ease of fabrication and the ability to maintain manufactured tolerances. The synthetic nature of the materials assures known and controlled moisture absorption rates and a high degree of dimensional stability.

Also includes a carry pouch for punches.

  • Electrical Properties
  • Net Weight : 34.2 Lbs / 15.5 Kgs
  • Super-duty - you can bang the *%#* out of this - all steel!