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Zimmerman Cutter Kits

Kits cut up to 36" OD circles. Size capacity depends on kit selected.

Zimmerman Spearhead Gasket Cutters - U.S. & Metric Scales on each unit.

In addition to parts listed with model, all kits contain:

  • Gasket Cutter Base Body
  • B-25 - Thick Blade
  • B-17 Thin Blade
  • H-17 Top Knob Allen Wrench
  • (1) P-8 Short Pivot Pin
  • (1) P-9 Long Pivot Pin
  • (1) P-10 Extra-Long Pivot Pin

ZIMMERMAN 'SPEARHEAD' CUTTER KITS - 'Zimm' cutters are extension bar compass cutters available to cut diameters from 1" to 36". The tool body is made of heavy-duty Zytel plastic.

Zytel is a heavy-duty plastic and is just fine if you don't abuse your tools.

Zimmerman cutters have both inch and metric scales.

  • Bright, easy to read scales on the top face of the tool for instant readability
  • “Quick-Set Thumb Screw” for blade adjustment - no tools necessary
  • Designed to reduce blade friction, breakage and dulling

We have genuine Zimmerman Spearhead Gasket Cutter Kits and Parts!
Zimmerman Manufacturing has gone out of business!
We have a final inventory of replacement parts - available while supplies last.

NOTE: (61" Kits are unavailable. )

TKC 747C BASIC (AX3000)
Capacity: 1" to 13" Diameter (No Cutting Board).
TKC 747C-12 (AX3010)
Capacity: 1" to 13" Diameter with C-15 Cutting Board.
TKC 747C-24 (AX3020)
Capacity: 1" to 24" Diameter with C-15 Cutting Board and (1) E-12 Extension Arm.
TKC 747C-36 (AX3030)
Capacity: 1" to 36" Diameter with C-15 Cutting Board and (2) E-12 Extension Arms.