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Neoprene Sheet

Available • Full Roll • Cut Piece • Custom

Neoprene is a tough, reliable material - one of our nost popular selling materials. By the foot or buy the roll!

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STYLE #1119 NEOPRENE SHEET - Neoprene resists degradation from sun, ozone and weather and performs well with oils and chemicals. Neoprene sheet maintains its strength, flexing, twisting and elongation very well over a wide temperature range while having outstanding physical toughness. Many grades of neoprene are available depending on the application.

NAMED Neoprene, Chloroprene, Polychloroprene
RESISTS Fuels, Oils, Petrochemicals, Many Chemicals, Abrasion, Impact
DAMAGED BY Hydrochloric Acid, Acetone, Xylene, Acetic Acid, Aqua Regia, Bboric Acid, Liquid Butane, Hydrogen Peroxide, Iodine, Kerosene,Lacquer, Lard, Motor Oil, Nitric Acid, Palm Oil, Tallow, Turpentine, Urine, Chlorine-Based Chemicals

Color: Black Temp Range: -20°F to +170°F | -28°C to +76°C Finish: Smooth

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Thickness Width Durometer $ Per Foot BUY
1/16" 48" 60 $10.65
1/8" 48" 60 $21.21
3/16" 48" 60 $31.86
1/4" 48" 60 $42.48