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  • Deacon 8875 High-Temperature Sealant
  • Dead Blow Hammers
  • Deacon Mold-Pac Damming Putty
  • Pump & Valve Packing & Packing Tools
  • PTFE Joint Seal, Stem Packing & Tape
  • Punches & Punch Kits
  • Gasket Punch Table
  • Gasket Sealants, Tapes & Ropes
  • Gasket Cutters - Kits & Machines
Deacon 8875 High-Temperature Sealant1 Dead Blow Hammers2 Deacon Mold-Pac Damming Putty3 Pump & Valve Packing & Packing Tools4 PTFE Joint Seal, Stem Packing & Tape5 Punches & Punch Kits6 Gasket Punch Table7 Gasket Sealants, Tapes & Ropes8 Gasket Cutters - Kits & Machines9
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Allstate Gasket provides custom gaskets, food-grade rubber, packing, gasket material in rolls, sheets and strips. We provide services including die cutting and hand cut gaskets and more. We supply Deacon Sealants. Our products are used in applications including boiler, manhole and handhole gaskets and fluid sealing products. We provide specialized gasket making and packing tools including gasket cutter kits, gasket punch sets, dovetail punch, gasket making machines and more.

Gasket materials by the foot or buy the roll!

Allstate Gasket supplies a wide range of sheet materials including Food Grade Rubbers, Fiber, Compressed, EPDM, and much more ready to buy online.

M3 Gasket Cutting Machine and parts!

This little workhorse produces! The M3 Gasket Cutter easily adjusts to any size variation - lock it in and crank 'em out. See our video to see the M3 in action.

Packing Pullers, Tampers and Cutters for Pump Packings!

Specialized, hard-to-find tools for packing maintenance - and packing, too. Popular is the all-inclusive 30-Pc Packing Mechanics Kit - everything but the pump.