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Expanded PTFE Sheet

Available • Full Roll • Cut Piece • Custom

Expanded PTFE Sheet - Conformable, high-temperature performance. By the Foot or Buy the Roll!

STYLE #1199 EXPANDED PTFE SHEET - 100% pure expanded PTFE sheet has a microporous fibrous structure unique mechanical properties. Widely used for sealing flange joints in pipelines as well as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Pure, multidirectionally expanded PTFE, asbestos free, chemically resistant to fluids from 0 to 14 in the pH range.

Color: White Temp Range: -450°F to +600°F | -265°C to +315°C

  • Excellent sealability
  • Cuts easily
  • Separates cleanly from flanges after use
  • Very low compressive creep
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Used in petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical