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Nitrile / NBR / BUNA-N Sheet

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Nitrile - Buna-N - By the foot or buy the roll!

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STYLE #1190 NITRILE / BUNA-N - Nitrile / NBR Rubber (often referred to as buna-N rubber or perbunan) is the most commonly used elastomer in the seal industry. Widely used in hydraulics and pneumatics.

NAMED Nitrile, Buna-N, Perbunan, Acrylonitrile Butadiene, NBR,
Petroleum Oils, Gasoline, Hydraulic Fluids, Fats, Animal & Vegetable Oils, Grease, Water, Air, Heat, Abrasion
UV Exposure, Direct Sunlight

COLOR: Black TEMP RANGE: -20°F to +180°F / -28°C to +82°C FINISH: Smooth DURO: 60 Shore A ±5

Thickness Width Durometer $ Per Foot LINEAR FOOT x 48" WIDTH
1/16" 48" 60 (±5) $16.05
No of Feet:
1/8" 48" 60 (±5) $31.98
No of Feet:
1/4" 48" 60 (±5) $64.14
No of Feet: