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Peroxide Cured EPDM

Available • Full Roll • Cut Piece • Custom

Peroxide Cured EPDM Sheet - Resists alcohols, hot water, ketones, steam and more.

STYLE #1188 PEROXIDE CURED EPDM SHEET - Peroxide curing EPDM improves heat performance, improving the stability of the material. Peroxide cured EPDM is used in water, food and beverage applications.

Peroxide cured EPDM exhibits resistance to alcohols, hot water, ketones, steam and more.

This material is NOT RECOMMENDED for fuels, greases, mineral oil, gasoline, petroleum oil and grease, and hydrocarbon environments.

Color: Black Temp Range: -55°F to +300°F / -48°C to 148°C Finish: Smooth