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Silicone w/Fiberglass Cloth Insert

Available • Full Roll • Cut Piece • Custom

Fiberglass Cloth Silicone Coated - Provides greater oil and water resistance than uncoated fabrics

STYLE #1117 SILICONE w/FIBERGLASS CLOTH INSERT - Fiberglass base fabric that has been impregnated and coated with silicone rubber. Good dimensional stability, inertness to most chemicals, fungus and mildew resistant. Heat and weather resistant.

Specifications: AMS3315F - AMS3320G

Color: Red Temp Range: -80°F to 500°F (-60°C to 260°C) Finish: Medium-Fine Texture

  • Weatherproof - moisture proof - chemically resistant
  • Tough material - abrasion resistant
  • Used for Welding Fabric